How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

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One of the joys of living in a home with a garden or backyard is being surrounded by big, wonderful trees. Not only do they add shade and beauty, but they also add greatly to the value of your property. Replacing even a small tree can run into hundreds of dollars. It only makes sense then to protect your investment and nurture trees so they can be appreciated for generations. As experts in the field, we at Any Height Tree Services want to help you take care and maintain the trees in your protection. This is why we have written down important information on how to keep your trees healthy. 

1. Keep the grass away
Grass growing up against the trunk competes with the tree for air, water, and nutrients, and most times, they usually win the competition. Young trees in particular often develop poorly when the grass is allowed to grow right up against their trunks. For best results, maintain a grass-free area around the trunk instead. 

2. Water properly
Young trees need regular watering, but even mature trees need to be watered during periods of drought. You need to water deep to saturate the entire root zone (two to three feet deep for mature trees) to just outside the drip line (an imaginary line from outside the tree canopy down to soil level). Allow the soil to partially dry before watering again. Don’t count on lawn sprinklers to do the job for you. They rarely wet deep enough and can result in shallow-rooted trees. Soil basins or drip irrigation are better options.

3. Always mulch
Apply two to three inches of organic mulch, such as pine straw or compost, under the canopy of the tree. Mulch reduces soil water losses, suppresses weeds, and protects against temperature extremes, especially in places where it snows. Mulch also feeds soil biology as it decomposes, helping to create healthy, living soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants!

4. Protect the roots
Cars and heavy equipment should never be allowed to drive over the root areas of trees. They compact the soil, thus reducing available oxygen and killing the roots. You should also never remove or add soil beneath tree canopies without consulting a certified arborist. Changing grades can also harm roots and weaken trees, often killing them or making them more susceptible to storm damage. 

5. Prune properly
Pruning enhances the structure and strength of your trees, making thinning cuts (removing entire limbs at their origin) as opposed to heading cuts (cutting along the length of a branch or hat-racking). For large trees, consult a certified arborist. Pruning correctly and pruning at the right time can make all the difference.

6. Protect the trunk
Bumping into trees with lawnmowers or whipping the trunks with weed-eaters damages the bark and trunk, weakening the tree structurally while inviting insects and disease. Young trees are particularly susceptible but can be protected with plastic wraps available at nurseries and garden centers.

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